Appeal An Unfair Court Decision

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When a court decision doesn't come back in your favor, it can be devastating. Whether you're in family court or criminal court, you can appeal a judge's decision with an experienced appellate attorney by your side. Call the Law Office of Kim Ryan now-attorney Ryan has decades of experience as an appeals attorney, and she'll fight for you in appellate court.

She files appeals for criminal, personal injury and family law cases. Make an appointment with her today.

Understand the appeals process

Understand the appeals process

If you have questions about appealing a court decision, turn to the Law Office of Kim Ryan to speak with an appeals attorney in Marshall, TX. Attorney Ryan works within all areas of appellate law, including:

  • Motions to arrest judgement
  • Direct appeals
  • Petitions for discretionary reviews
  • Bills of review

She files appeals to state and federal courts. She'll work tirelessly to help you fight back against an unfair decision-call her office today if you need to consult an appellate attorney in Marshall, TX.